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Landing Page Customization Using Audience Research

If you want to accomplish your goals in the online realm, you need to provide a solution to your audience first. Marketers will think that this is a piece of basic knowledge. Unfortunately, you will completely forget about this when customizing your landing page. We will usually prioritize our goals when developing them. If you are not getting the clicks on your CTA button, there’s something wrong with this page.

How to Customize Your Landing Page Based on Audience Research

Creating a landing page that will boost your conversion rate is not just a matter of luck. You should entirely rely on the metrics and information that you will gather from your audience. If you target a broad market, you will end up missing your business opportunities. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to your lead and marketing campaign. You must make sure that your audience finds this relevant, and it should deliver solutions to their needs. This article will tell you how you can achieve a better landing page that is designed to advance your lead generation campaign.

Customer Surveys and Interviews

Most of us will ignore the benefits of conducting customer surveys, but this should always be a part of your normal marketing activity. Perhaps the problem with the conventional survey that most companies conduct would be the way they do it. They reached out to the early customers, determine the early features of a product that may seem viable to them, then that’s about it. There are just too many opportunities wasted. The customer’s insight will prove to be valuable during the development stage, especially when building a landing page. Here are some additional tips you should consider.

  • Talk to your customers every time you will have the opportunity to ensure that you are creating a page for them.
  • Craft questions that center on the User Experience.
  • Respect the time of the customer by asking them questions that focused on their problems.
  • Remain empathic. Tell your customers how you will use the information. Be clear, be transparent.

Analyze Social Media Platforms Where You Can Find Your Audience

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Monitor your social media channels if you want to build more formidable audience research. It will be normal to use Google to determine your customer’s pattern, behavior, and interest. You could also spy on your competitors. However, there’s a wealth of information that you can find in social media that can help you craft a landing page designed to convert leads.

  • Facebook- Facebook offers a lot of ways to gather information on our targeted audience. For instance, if you have a Company page, you can look at your post with the highest engagement rate and understand the demographics. You could also look for the groups related to your brands.

  • Other Social Media Platforms- When building a landing page, you may collect information from YouTube, LinkedIn, Reddit, Instagram, Twitter, and Quora. Find out the topics your target market is curious about and look for the content they find engaging. It would be best to use listening tools that let you track the mentions about your brand.

Conducting Competitive Analysis to Customize Your Landing Page

Other companies would try to focus only on their brand and try not to pay attention to the strategies of their competitors. They could probably be intimidated by their presence. However, there are lots of things that you can learn by spying on your rivals. Find out the answers to the questions below when you are monitoring them, which will help you build a landing page.

  • Why do the customers love their product?
  • Why are the people using them?
  • What features do they like or dislike about their products?
  • How much are the customers spending when choosing their product? Why are they willing to pay that amount?
  • Are they the go-to solution for your target market?

Use Google Analytics or Tools to Monitor Your Landing Page

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When you plan to develop a better connection with your online audience, understanding how to use Google Analytics is vital. It would be best to integrate this tool into your strategy to comprehend better the reason behind your landing page’s slow traffic. Google Analytics would be your powerful ally to capture data from your audience. The metrics you will capture using this tool will be essential in creating a more efficient and intentional landing page.

Now that you are successful in gathering data, it is time for you to deconstruct it by segmenting your target market. You can tailor your CTA in a manner that will resonate with them. You can develop content relevant to your audience. Using audience research as the foundation of your marketing will help you customize a landing page and make it more effective.


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