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The Importance of Having Business Cards

Although there have been so many technological advancements in marketing, business cards are here to stay. Regardless of how automated the system turns out to be, it will be irreplaceable. The key people in every business have the habit of carrying it in their pocket, giving them the convenience to distribute it during trade fairs, business meetings, and seminars. It is a conventional tool that helps in the company’s branding strategy. It is not just a small car that holds all your pertinent information.

The Benefits of Having Business Cards

For general customers, business cards serve as a cheat sheet that will enable them to have a sneak peek at what the company can offer. A professionally done template says a lot about the person and the company they represent. Based on the reports, at least 72% of the people will form an opinion about the company depending on the quality of the calling card.

The Convenience of Sharing Contact Details

One of the main reasons business cards is still circulating is that it effectively delivers the contact information of the person with ease. You don’t have to look online to gather the data you need. For the clients, having the contact information of the key personnel is vital. It gives them a sense of reassurance. They can easily store this card inside their wallet or bag. Some will choose to share information through digital devices, but there are instances when the transfer of information will fail due to incompatible devices. Understand that your prospect may have a device that is not compatible with yours. Avoid all the hassles by carrying a calling card with you.

It Has that Personal Touch

When you hand out the business cards, you will not just do this to exchange contact details. It creates a sense of personal touch and builds a connection between the company and the client. Both of the parties will have a chance to talk to each other. The client can share their pain points, and you can provide them with a possible solution. It creates a sense of authenticity; this communication helps in building loyalty. Nonetheless, you should always keep in mind to pay attention to the quality of your card. The material and the design of your calling card may reflect the professionalism and the service quality of the business.

Business Cards Create Positive First Impression

If you have quality business cards, you will immediately grab the attention of your target audience. With so many distractions present today, the attention span of your audience is gradually decreasing. Therefore, you need to instantly capture their interest with the attractive template of your business card. Your company logo must be added tastefully on the business card. Choose a stylish but easy-to-read font style. The color needs to reflect the branding campaign of your company. It should be easily recognizable by your target audience.

Finally, your customized business cards can be transformed into your marketing material. You can create a referrable card. For instance, you can add your list of services on the card to encourage referrals. You may add a QR code in the business card that they can scan and will lead them to your landing page. You can even add a discount code to ensure that they will keep your card instead of just discarding it or keeping it forever inside their storage.


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