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Why Use Promotional Video Marketing

Video marketing should be added to the advertising box of the business. Perhaps you still have some doubt about its effectiveness of it. However, based on the recent study, more and more companies are jumping on this trend. At least 63% of businesses have already launched this campaign. Among those numbers, at least 82% of them attest to the power of this marketing strategy. In addition, 83% of the businesses claim that it will produce a higher ROI.

Benefits of Using Video Marketing Campaign

The popularity of video marketing is continuously growing. Many searches are being performed on YouTube, the biggest video-sharing platform. It is only next to Google based on searches. The popularity of sales videos has also grown in recent years, and for good reasons.

It Boosts Sales and Conversion

Video marketing can help you generate income. Adding promotional video to your landing page has been proven the rate of lead conversion by as much as 80%. Some reports demonstrate that it works regardless of the theme or category of the video. It may also create direct sales. About 74% of the users who watched the video have led to a purchase. Therefore, you should start crafting videos to ensure that your business will continue to convert leads.

Increases ROI

83% of the companies claimed that sales video marketing provides a higher ROI. While it may not be the cheapest task and creating video content is much complex and time-consuming, it will pay off in the end. Moreover, you don’t necessarily have to hire video editing professionals since editing tools constantly improve. It now comes with features that allow you to add effects and transitions that are used to be exclusive to video production companies.

It Encourages Trust

Trust will be the solid foundation of your lead generation and conversion campaign. With video marketing, the trust would be a part of your goal. The concept of implementing this strategy is based on forging a long-term relationship and trust by adding valuable information to the video. Creating relatable and relevant videos can trigger the emotion of the audience. It also encourages conversations. Consumers skeptical about purchasing your product may develop trust in your company once they watch a video testimonial of your customer.

Video Marketing Helps on Your SEO

Video marketing also helps in your website SERP. Based on the study, it keeps the audience longer on your site, extending the session and engagement rate. This sends a signal to the crawlers that there is valuable information on your website. Based on the study, with video, you have a 53 times more chance of appearing on the first page of the search result. After Google has acquired YouTube, there has been a significant increase in video presence on this platform.

Video marketing is becoming more effective, and the cost it entails is now more affordable. Thanks to technology, different features have become more accessible. It becomes relatively easy to transform your past articles into video content. With a small creativity and by checking the facts, you can develop a promotional video to improve your presence and conversion rate.


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